Nov 27, 2022
Edmonton Truck body shop

AFTER A COLLISION, HOW TO SELECT AN Edmonton Truck body shop

Being in a car accident is frightening, and the time immediately following the accident is stressful. You'll need to make an insurance claim if your car is damaged, but what happens next? As you select an auto body repair facility and work to get insurance reimbursement for the damages, you might assume you're in for more difficulties.

However, obtaining post-accident repairs need not be challenging. You essentially have two choices. From the list of authorized shops provided by your insurance provider, you can choose a body shop. Alternatively, you could locate a body shop to handle the repairs.

  Nov 27, 2022
Edmonton Truck body shop


The majority of people do not intend to be rear-ended or t-boned while en route to the store or to pick up their children from school. Unfortunately, auto accidents do occur. The carelessness of another driver behind the wheel cannot be predicted or controlled, no matter how cautious and diligent someone may be.

So, after being involved in a car accident, what should you do—and what should you avoid doing?

  Nov 04, 2022
Edmonton Truck & Auto Body Shop

Truck & Auto repair

Those working in the Auto Body Repair Edmonton industry are bound to come across at least one customer who has put off a repair lengthier than they should have. Money and time limits are two common reasons for postponing auto body repairs. Even minor dings in a bumper, though, should be addressed as quickly as possible.Repairing damage to a car's body is about more than simply making it more visually pleasant to the eye, contrary to popular belief.


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